“Finally...Unleash Your Inner Author Using AI’s Revolutionary, Transformative New Role in Publishing!”
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You just took an incredibly important step toward expressing your own personal wisdom and insights with the help of your new writing partner...AI! Smart!

Let me ask you a question: Do you dream of writing a book but struggle with where to begin, or how to find the time or inspiration?

Every aspiring author knows the feeling: the blank page, the blinking cursor, and the paralyzing fear of where to start. The thought of putting thousands of words on paper (or screen) can be overwhelming. But what if there was a revolutionary way to get your ideas out, write faster, and have a polished manuscript without the usual struggles?

In today's fast-paced world, aspiring authors juggle multiple responsibilities. Finding time to sit, brainstorm, write, and edit can seem impossible. Add in writer's block, lack of inspiration, or the sheer size of a book project, and it's no wonder many dreamers never become published authors.

Imagine having a brilliant book idea but watching it collect dust for years because you can't move past the first few chapters. Think about the times you've felt the rush of inspiration, only to get stuck with no clue where to go next. It's frustrating, isn't it? You're not alone; countless writers have shelved their dreams due to these hurdles.

But, what if I told you there's a solution?
ANYONE, including YOU, can (and should) Write a Book...and It JUST Got Much Easier!
In the thriving era of digitization, leveraging the vast array of tools at your fingertips is more than just advantageous—it's crucial for anyone looking to remain competitive and innovative. AI stands out among these tools, not as a replacement for the unique human perspective, but as an enhancer of our innate abilities. Think of it as collaborating with a tireless co-author, always awake, always eager. This AI companion is consistently prepared to delve into brainstorming sessions, assist in the drafting process, and offer a fresh pair of 'eyes' during reviews.

The dream of writing a book, which for many remains just that—a dream, can now be a tangible reality. No more waiting for the 'right moment' or struggling with writer's block. With AI by your side, the process is streamlined, making the journey from a blank page to a published work smoother and more accessible than ever.

So, the question isn't about whether you have a story to tell, but rather, are you poised to embrace this game-changing approach? Are you prepared to revolutionize your writing journey, blending human creativity with AI's precision? It's time to step into the future of storytelling. Whether you prefer to write at your desk or write in an inspirational outdoor setting (my personal favorite), you can leverage the power of AI to work alongside you as a writing companion!
Here is what a few of the attendees had to say about "Write and Edit Your Book With AI": 

[The Course] videos are an absolute game-changer. [Tony's] expertise in Media Arts shines through as he brilliantly delves into the futuristic world of AI-powered book creation and editing. Not only does he make the complex seem simple, but he also injects his trademark enthusiasm into every moment of this video. If you're someone who wants to be at the forefront of the latest media technology, Tony's courses are a MUST. This video is just a taste of the genius insights he has to offer. I have benefited throughout the years from Tony Laidig's expertise. Don't miss out! ~Steven V.

I was not able to attend live but have just finished the first two modules and have to agree that Tony has learned how to play an AI like a fine musical instrument. The prompt sequences he taught are amazing. ~Tom S.
“The Publishing Expert: 
Write & Edit Your Book with AI”
Our 3-module course is designed to revolutionize the way you approach book writing!
  • Session One: Writing Non-Fiction Books Using AI 
    • Discover techniques to generate research-backed content instantly.
    • Learn how AI can help structure your chapters, ensuring clarity and coherence.
    • Say goodbye to hours of manual research. Get concise, accurate, and relevant information with a simple
  • ​Session Two: Writing Fiction Books Using AI 
    • Unleash the storyteller within. Let AI suggest plot twists, character developments, and settings.
    • Never get stuck again. Whether it's a romance novel or a thrilling mystery, get prompts that drive your story
    • Craft worlds and stories that resonate, with AI-powered guidance.
  • Session Three: Editing, Sourcing, & Finalizing Your Text
    • Master the art of self-editing with AI recommendations.
    • Learn how to source and cite information with impeccable accuracy.
    • Ensure your manuscript is polished, free of errors, and ready to impress.
  • ​​BONUS Session (Pre-Recorded): Writing Children's Books
    • Dive into the enchanting world of children's literature.
    • Get AI-driven ideas for moral stories, fun adventures, and engaging narratives.
    • Learn the nuances of writing for younger audiences, ensuring your book is a hit among little readers.
Benefits of Using AI in Your Book Writing Process:

Speed of Creation: Generate chapters in hours, not weeks. From plotting to fleshing out characters, AI accelerates the process.

Flexibility of Concepting: Easily pivot concepts or explore new ideas with AI suggestions. Whether it's a change in setting or a character's backstory, the possibilities are limitless.

Ease of Use: No tech experience? No problem! Our course breaks down the process into simple steps, ensuring you can leverage AI, regardless of your tech background.

The Prompts You Need: I have created custom prompt sets to help you create quality content for both fiction and non-fiction books!
Your Investment Today...
As someone with 30 years of experience as a design professional and publisher, you have my commitment to deliver the value and success I bring to the table. Hiring me would cost thousands of dollars (if I were available...I'm NOT) and the proven strategies shared in this training are easily worth that as well!

But I also LOVE seeing people share their wisdom and genius with others AND be compensated for it! So for a limited time, I am offering this full training for the heavily discounted price of just $97...
Your Investment Today Includes...
    • 3 - Sessions of LIVE Training
    • Ongoing Access to the Replays for All Sessions
    • Session Slides PDFs
    • BONUS: Pre-Recorded Module, Video & Slides PDF on Writing Children’s Books Using AI
    • BONUS: Kristen Joy’s “Instant Self-Publishing Ninja” Module 1 Slides for ‘Drafting Your Book.’
           • What goes where in your book?
           • What software to use to write your book.
           • How to create a concise outline and arrange your TOC.
           • How many pages to make your book.
           • How to edit your own book.
           • How print and Kindle are different.
           • Pen name pitfalls, the legalities of permissions, & more!
However, as an Introductory Offer for FAST ACTION TAKERS (that’s YOU, right?), I am going to discount this training even further for a limited-time so that MORE people, like you, can get in and benefit from this comprehensive training! Claim Your Copy Today for a One-Time Investment of...
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See AI-Generated Writing Examples Below:
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The Publishing Expert Courses BUNDLE
“Write & Edit Your Book with AI” is the FIRST course of a 6-Course SERIES being taught this year as part of The Publishing Expert Courses. All 6 courses will be taught LIVE by me (Tony Laidig) with my wife, Kristen Joy, also bringing her publishing expertice to the table for some of the courses.

The 6 courses are as follows:
    • Write & Edit Your Book with AI (3 Modules)
    • Book Design Using Adobe & Affinity Software (4 Modules)
    • Design Low-Content Books in PowerPoint & Canva (3 Modules)
    • Publishing & Printing Essentials (3 Modules)
    • Audiobook Essentials (3 Modules)
    • Marketing Your Book with AI (3 modules)
The Publishing Expert Courses BUNDLE provides you with several distinct advantages, including:
    • Set it and forget it: You don't have to worry about missing anything...you'll already have access to the future courses as they
      are taught over the next few months.
    • A Complete Process: The courses are designed to provide you with a complete publishing process...everything you need
      taught by someone who has actually done it hundreds of times!
    • Save money: The BUNDLE price offers a significant discount compared to purchasing the courses individually!

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Fiction & Non-Fiction Examples 100% AI Generated!

Fiction: Opening Scene of Chapter 1
The ceiling fan spun lazily, doing little to dispel the haze of smoke lingering like a shadow in the dark office. Detective John Smith dropped his cigarette into an overflowing ashtray and reached for the half-empty bottle of bourbon, ready to drown his sorrows and quell the pounding in his head from another long night.

John took a long swig of the bourbon, savoring the slow burn down his throat. He knew it was a bad habit, much like the cigarettes and the constant cases that kept him up at all hours. But it numbed his mind just enough to get through the day without falling back down the black hole of memories. Ever since the accident that took his family years ago, John felt like he was living half a life, just going through the motions from one case to the next.

Maybe that's why he had been so reluctant when that distraught gentleman, James Hanson, burst into his office yesterday begging for help. John listened with half an ear, bleary-eyed, as James described his wife Victoria's sudden disappearance. But as James shared the baffling details - her whispered phone call the night prior, the open bedroom window despite no signs of struggle - John felt a long dormant instinct reawakening. A drive to uncover the truth and help those in need. He tried to suppress it, but he knew he would take this case. Because that relentless search for answers was part of who he was, even when everything else had fallen away.

So here he sat, steeling himself for the day ahead, with the first rays of light beginning to cut through the dreary office. He took one last swig of bourbon for courage. It was time to get to work. For once, instead of being consumed by the past and what he had lost, John felt the faint flicker of a new purpose. It was time to find Victoria Hanson and bring her some justice, however small, in this cruel world.

As James left his office hurriedly, John sat back, his mind racing with unanswered questions about Victoria's disappearance. He had a duty to help this troubled husband find answers, though he knew each mystery he solved only led to more darkness. With a weary sigh, he grabbed his coat and prepared to step into the night.
Non-Fiction: The Opening Section for Chapter 1 – The Evolution of Digital Storytelling: From Ancient Campfires to Viral Threads
From the mesmerizing tales shared around ancient campfires to the epic ballads sung in royal courts, storytelling is an art as old as humanity itself. It has evolved across millennia, mirroring the progression of our civilizations, technology, and cultural fabric. Each new era heralded fresh mediums—oral traditions gave way to written scrolls, which then morphed into printed books. The advent of cinema and broadcasting further diversified the narrative forms, providing visually rich tales that could reach thousands, if not millions. Yet, among all these evolutions, the rise of digital storytelling stands out as the most revolutionary.

Digital media is not just the next step; it's a gigantic leap that transforms every facet of narrative creation and consumption. This vast, interconnected landscape offers storytellers tools that would have seemed like sorcery to our ancestors. A story can now be told through a constellation of tweets, a collection of memes, or across a web of interlinked platforms. It can be collaborative, inviting audiences to contribute, reshape, and remix, creating narratives that are alive, fluid, and ever-evolving. Such expansive scale, accessibility, and multimedia capabilities are unprecedented.

Yet, every leap of progress brings along its set of challenges. The very strengths of digital media—its accessibility, its versatility—also present risks to the integrity and depth of storytelling. The instantaneous nature of online sharing, while enabling viral spread, can sometimes sideline contemplative, deep narratives in favor of quick, transient engagement. Memes and viral threads, for instance, epitomize the power of digital media. They offer collaborative, interactive storytelling experiences, but their fleeting existence can sometimes overshadow the depth and nuance that stories have traditionally been revered for.

Beneath the glitzy surface of this digital revolution, the essence of storytelling remains rooted in our primal needs. We yearn for meaning, for connections, for an understanding of our identity, and a space to let our imagination roam free. These are the same needs that our ancestors sought to fulfill when they weaved tales under starry skies. It's a testament to the enduring nature of stories and their profound impact on the human psyche.

As we navigate this bold new frontier, digital creators grapple with a dual responsibility. They have the opportunity—and the challenge—to harness the incredible power of digital media, all while upholding the timeless virtues of quality storytelling. Balancing the allure of innovation with the wisdom handed down across generations is crucial. This chapter seeks to explore this balance, delving deep into the profound ways technology is both elevating and disrupting our vast narrative heritage, and the core tension that arises from what is gained, lost, and forever transformed.
About Your Teacher: Tony Laidig is widely recognized as “The Public Domain Expert” and has been at the forefront of AI art and strategies since 2019 – well before it became the trend. With a graphic design career spanning over 18 years, Tony has crafted more than 600 book covers, including several that have graced the New York Times Best-Seller list.

His deep understanding of the public domain positions him as a leading authority on the intricacies, strategies, and creative challenges posed by AI technology. Over the years, he has imparted his knowledge in over 260 courses, covering a diverse range of subjects from publishing and book design to photography, art creation, and even children's literature.

Outside of work, Tony is a passionate traveler, exploring the open roads in an RV with his wife Kristen and their two feline companions. As he journeys, he continues to teach and craft his art and written works. And in those quiet moments, you'll find him capturing the world around him through his camera lens.
Refund Policy: Due to the live-taught nature of this training and the heavily discounted, immense value included, NO REFUNDS will be offered. Everything you need to make an educated buying decision is included in the sales copy above.
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